Student Volunteers Wanted!

Published on: Author: Matt

I’m looking for up to 30 student volunteers (Honours students in particular) to take part in an 8 week study related to my video game research, starting this week.

Really, there are two groups required:

  • Group A: 8 people who will take a bunch of online tests in the HATII lab to measure skills such as communication competence. This group will then meet once a week for a further six weeks to play video games before meeting for one last time in week eight to take the same tests again
  • Group B: up to 22 people (making a total of up to 30) who will take the tests in weeks one and eight *without* meeting to play video games in between

Meeting Schedule

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Group A X X X X X X X X
Group B X X

The other relevant facts are as follows:

  • Most meetings will last no more than 2 hours and will take place in the HATII building.
  • The initial meeting is scheduled for 4pm-6pm on Wednesday 18th February (although it may not take the full two hours).
  • There is no compensation for taking part but I will buy (poor quality) pizza for everyone at the two testing sessions.
  • Subsequent meetings will take place on a weekly basis, probably in the same Wednesday time slot, but we may find an alternative time that works for everyone.
  • I’ll share your results with you (and you alone) if you’re interested.
  • If you’re interested in being part of group B (i.e. just taking the tests now and again in eight weeks’ time) but can’t make it at 4pm on Wednesday 18th, we can probably arrange for you to sit the tests in the lab at another time. You’ll not get pizza, though!

If this sounds interesting, then you can sign up for either group here:

One last thing: you are all Honours students and you have lots of more important things to be doing, so think carefully before signing up!