Games for Communication

Update: Results from the larger project that followed the Games for Communication pilot have now been published:


This project aims to explore the use of commercial video games and associated networks  and communities to develop players’ communication skills.


Many commercial games require players to communicate in order to succeed. This project aims to investigate and critically analyse the utility of commercial video games to develop players’ communication competency. The research question may be stated as: Can playing commercial video games improve players’ communication skills? We will test and refine instruments for measuring communication skills (in terms of competence and style) in a cohort of game-playing students.


The project will see student volunteers engage in a series of collaborative and competitive game-based exercises with self-reported levels of communication competence measured pre- and post-intervention.

We will be blogging about the project here and may occasionally tweet using the snappy hashtag #games4communication.

Games for Communication is funded by RCUK Digital Economy via the Communities and Culture Network+ seed fund.